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Cleft Rock Park

This small park area (8.7acres) has a unique rock formation at its center. Its size is approximately 25’ x 25’ and from 12’ to 14’ tall. There is a cleft through its center 25” to 30” wide and about 25’ in length. This passage is approximately 5’ high and its “ceiling” is formed by another section of rock that sits on top. It is thought that this rock formation may have been used as a “lookout” spot by the Native Americans. From this vantage point one can see much of Cape Cod Bay and, on a clear day, the monument and shoreline of Provincetown. Although site amenities are few (picnic tables and a parking area), this park is noteworthy because of the unusual rock formation and view. The park is entered by a short dirt road opposite Serious Cycles at the top of the Pine Hills on State Road/Route 3A.

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290 State Road
Plymouth, MA 02360