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Ellisville Harbor State Park

Ellisville Harbor is a unique coastal property, including an 18th century farmstead, beachfront, salt marsh, rolling meadows, and red pine forest. It's also one of the most scenic spots on the South Shore coastline, where you can see small fishing boats, a barrier beach, sphagnum bog, forested upland and open meadows. Recreation activities include walking, bird watching, beach combing and sightseeing. In fall and winter, harbor seals can often be seen just off-shore.

Between 2,500 and 5,000 years ago, prehistoric Native Americans hunted, fished, harvested shellfish and made tools here. The park was once part of the Harlow family farmstead.

Ellisville Harbor is a good site for marine mammal viewing: Winter: Seals; late winter, spring: North Atlantic right whales (NARW).

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1850 State Road
Plymouth, MA 02360