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Holmes Reservation

From this broad, sloping field just outside downtown Plymouth, you can gaze across the historic harbor the Pilgrims entered four centuries ago. 

What makes Holmes Reservation a special place? This open, grassy field located on a busy thoroughfare in the heart of Plymouth is a treasured piece of open space in an otherwise developed city center. From the top of the field, you can take in distant views of Plymouth Harbor, Duxbury Beach, Clark’s Island, and Gurnet Point. At the foot of the field is a small woodland bounded by abandoned tracks of the Old Colony Railroad. And, don't miss the beach nearby – it’s a great spot for kids to explore. 

Before the Revolutionary War, a section of the reservation's field was part of a famous “Muster Ground.” Plymouth farmers in the militia would gather here to practice shooting their muskets and marching in formation. 

There are no formal trails. Easy walking.

A small beach, accessible on foot, is located on Holmes Reservation. Watch for the sign on the bike path that begins at Nelson Park.

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