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Stewart/Person Preserve - Kingston

Pine-covered hillsides, wind-rippled ponds, and a tumbling brook are among the attractions of the O. W. Stewart Preserve. The trail begins just off Sylvia Place Road, passes by Bryant Mill Pond on the right, and continues to a herring ladder above Sylvia Place Pond that allows fish to reach spawning grounds further upstream in Russell Pond. Fishing enthusiasts value these ponds for their bass, perch, and pickerel. 

The trail passes through two types of woodlands. On the well-drained slopes and ridges grows a pine-oak forest of white pine, black oak, white oak, and occasional beech trees. Swampy lowlands and brook-sides support a forest of red maple, yellow birch, white ash, and occasional red oak, with an understory of sweet pepperbush. The ponds are bordered by maples with many shrub species, including alder, high-bush blueberry, swamp azalea, and silky dogwood. Red fox, mink, and opossum hunt the white pine woods, where five species of club-moss can be found. Thrushes, northern orioles, scarlet tanagers, wood ducks, and many other species are a lure for birders. 


Sylvia Place Road
Kingston, MA 02364