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Town Brook/Nemasket Trail

Town Brook is a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) stream that provided drinking water to the Pilgrims who made their homes adjacent to the brook. Town Brook's headwaters is Billington Sea, a 269-acre freshwater pond. The brook passes through numerous small ponds, including Deep Water Pond and Jenny Pond. It also passes by the Jenney Grist Mill and Brewster Gardens before emptying into Plymouth Harbor. A portion of the old Nemasket Trail runs alongside the brook.

Fishing is best between Billington Sea and Jenney Pond. Note: A dam removal and restoration is underway on this portion.

A highlight is the spring herring run from the harbord to Billington Sea. This usually occurs in April. Note: Fishing for herring is prohibited.


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12 Spring Lane
Plymouth, MA 02360