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Two Mile Farm - Marshfield

Founded in 1640 by the Hatch family, Two Mile Farm gets its name from rights granted to the Town of Scituate (whose boundaries encompassed Two Mile Farm until 1788) to harvest salt hay “two miles along the river and half a mile inland on each side.”

Trails pass through a white pine woodland, tracking the toppled remains of old stone walls and former farm cart paths. Each trail slopes down to the marsh’s edge to afford a view of the grassy banks of the North River and the Stetson Meadows beyond. Follow the white trail markers on the outer loop for views of the river and a dramatic change in landscape when you enter a hemlock forest. 

The North River has been designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior and a Scenic River by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

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Union St
Marshfield, MA 02050