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The 2019 Herring Festival

It all started with the Herring Parade, where a group of us gathered to cheer the herring on as they made their way up stream. Right at the mural under the bridge where the herring were painted, we saw our first fish. The parade ended at the fish ladder right before the Grist Mill building. At the ladder there was a scuba diver getting a closer look with a camera, capturing the fishes adventure. There was hundreds of herring waiting for their turn to make their way up stream and set out to do what they have been doing to hundreds of years. The fun didn’t end when the fish parade ended, it was just beginning. At the Plimoth Grist Mill there was a variety of organizations waiting for visitors to approach their tables. The Herring Pond Watershed Association provided a fish ladder obstacle course that was entertaining for the adults and the kids. Attendees young and old gathered to watch birds of prey over the river with the Beach Ambassadors.

Picture Top: Mural under the bridge of the herring captured during the herring parage. April 27, 2019, Photo By: Alissa Young

Picture Bottom: First sign of a school of herring making their way up stream. April 27, 2019, Photo By: Alissa Young

There was truly an activity for everyone like magnetic fishing, crafts and face painting. Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids (OPAK) brought their microscope to give everyone a closer look at the phytoplankton that the herring eat. The Herring Festival provided attendees with a chance to learn more about the Wampanoag way of life. Viewing a Wampanoag Fishing Demonstrations, helping build a model Wampanoag Fish Weir and learning how to make a Wampanoag fishing net, festival goers could expand their knowledge about this important tribe and appreciate the care that went into their daily fishing activities. Overall this was an amazing community organized event and next year is set up to be bigger and better. Plymouth has been selected as the North American hub for World Fish Migration Day in 2020! This honor will come with another amazing event next year and we hope to see you there.  


Picture Top: Scuba diver getting a closer look at the herring waiting for their turn on the fish ladder. April 27, 2019 Photo By: Alissa Young

Picture Bottom: Plimoth Grist Mill, location of the Herring Festival 2019. April 27, 2019 Photo By: Alissa Young