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Meetup with the Friends of Myles Standish

At the end of October, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Group. I found out about this hike by downloading the app ‘Meetup’. This is where you can follow this group to see all different types of events they hold open to the public. This information can also be accessed online at the meetup website.

How To Stay Safe During Hunting Season

Hunting for some is a way of life. A way to bond with friends, family and coworkers and a way to provide food for their families for several months out of the year. For others hunting is considered a dangerous sport and maybe even cruel but ultimately for these people this activity is mostly misunderstood. From a Wildlife Biologist perspective hunting can control an expanding population and even provide true scientific data that will be considered when trying to manage the population.

Where Have All The Bats Gone?

As a child I would sit in my backyard on a warm summer night and stare at the sky until night time came. I was eager to know how many bats called my back yard their home. Right before dusk you would see them flying around eating all the mosquitoes they could to satisfy their bellies. This past summer as I watched day turn to night, I was alarmed by the lack of bats in my back yard.

Summer Exploring in Plymouth County!

Summer is here, and it’s a perfect time to explore Plymouth County. Of course, we are known for our beautiful coastline and beaches, but did you know there are hiking, biking and nature trails all throughout Plymouth?

Mass Audubon Announces Open House, Saturday, June 2nd at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Once a working cranberry farm, Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary is a proud new addition to Plymouth and the Mass Audubon family. The land has undergone the largest freshwater ecological restoration ever completed in the Northeast, and 481 acres of trails, streams and ponds, awaiting both hikers