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How To Stay Safe During Hunting Season

Hunting for some is a way of life. A way to bond with friends, family and coworkers and a way to provide food for their families for several months out of the year. For others hunting is considered a dangerous sport and maybe even cruel but ultimately for these people this activity is mostly misunderstood. From a Wildlife Biologist perspective hunting can control an expanding population and even provide true scientific data that will be considered when trying to manage the population. Despite your feeling for it I can only hope this post informs you about the legal limits for hunting and become aware about hunting in your area.

            Before anyone can hunt there is a mandatory Hunter Education course for all first-time hunters that they must complete and receive a certificate for. To hunt in Massachusetts all hunters must have the appropriate license, permits and stamps. Information about the cost of licenses can be found here . Another restriction for hunting is it can only occur on the open season dates and there is a bag and possession limit for each license you acquire. Information regarding timing of the seasons and bag limits can be found at this link. The dates and bag limits may vary year to year. During the open season hunting hours begin a half hour before sunrise and end a half hour after sunset.

            Throughout the fall season check to see if hunting is allowed on the properties you will be exploring. Another good precaution is to wear bright colors during your hike to make yourself noticeable to people who may be hunting on the property. If you have a pet with you keeping them leashed and close by is best for their protection. If you do not want your animal on a leash, they should also wear a bright color to make themselves seen as well. Throughout Plymouth, Massachusetts hunting is allowed on all town conservation land. This is including but not limited to Myles Standish State Forest, Center Hill Preserve, Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area, Ellisville Harbor State Park and the Plymouth Town Forest. In the Plymouth Town Forest there is a wildlife management area near Cook’s Pond where hunting is permitted.  Within any area hunting is always prohibited on Sunday’s. There are small steps to take to guarantee your safety during open season which allow hunters and non-hunters to explore natural Plymouth together.smiley