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Spring Has Sprung!

As the day light shines longer, the temperatures start to rise you walk out your front door to a warm misty morning. There may be mud stuck to your shoes and the potholes on the roads grew three times larger since you remember last season. These are all characteristic signs that spring is in the air. But there are also natural signs of spring that we can look forward to every year as a guarantee that the warmer weather is upon us. We can always count on the early blooming flowers that emerge around the same time every year when the ground becomes unfrozen which allows them to break the surface to show their true colors. Keep an eye out for the yellow Witch Hazel (pictured below) and the Forsythia blooming or the groups of Crocuses (pictured below) sprouting above the ground. The Red Trillium, Bloodroot and the Carolina Spring-Beauty are also some of the native flowers that make an appearance as early as April.

When the temperatures warm up the birds that stuck with us through the winter such as the Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse and Black-capped Chickadee sing more than usual to let everyone know we all made it through the winter months and the warm weather will be here soon.  Their migratory friends such as the Scarlet Tanagers, Yellow Warblers(pictured below) and Wood Thrushes will arrive in May. The Spring Peepers (pictured below) start to sing in a chorus and the woodpeckers drum on the trunks of the trees.  The vernal pools fill, and the vegetation once leafless and brown turns a vibrant green and full of life. We live in a unique location in the world where we experience all four seasons. Not everyone gets the chance to see the landscape change so drastically then come back in full bloom for a portion of the year. We have been exploring natural Plymouth in the winter months, but more activities and events will start to take place outside. Put the winter jackets away and dust off your hiking boots because there’s so much to explore.

Witch Hazel in full bloom, March 2019. Photo by: Alissa Young


Picture Above: Crocus emerging from the ground, March 2019. Photo by: Julie Burkhard

Photo Above: Yellow Warbler sitting in a tree. Photo by: Nick Tepper 

Photo Above: Spring Peeper, March 2019. Photo by: Nick Tepper