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Plymouth Airport Bird Walk


Sunday, May 26, 2019 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Once a year the club is granted access to the airfield inside the perimeter fence from the airport manager, Tom Maher. This usually increases our chances of observing grassland bird species, most notably Upland Sandpiper. Initially things were very quiet bird wise. Then Savannah Sparrows started singing and a Grasshopper Sparrow revealed itself teed-up on a small wooden stake in the distance. Nice scope views were had by all of this secretive sparrow. A couple of Horned Larks were seen and then an Eastern Meadowlark flew across the airfield and perched on the perimeter fence. Bluebirds have also been spotted.

Meanwhile, directly behind our group, someone yells, "Upland Sandpiper on the fence"! There it was right up on the fence and not on the ground where we had been scanning for the better part of an hour. After admiring the Upland for a couple of minutes another grassland bird starts singing -Vesper Sparrow. Guess where it was, right up on the fence where we had entered the airfield! Seems like the right strategy is to "work" the fence line! Pretty much a clean sweep of grassland birds except American Kestrel. The Upland Sandpiper continued to spend a lot time on the fence, dropping to the ground occasionally.

Sorry, no dogs please.

For questions, comments, and registration, please message the host through the attached event website.


Presented By: 
Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Meetup Group