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Sea Run Brook Trout


Wednesday, February 13, 2019 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Water Watch Lectures

At South Shore Natural Science Center

With Warren Winders - Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition; Geoffrey Day - Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition

Lectures are free, though donations are appreciated. Preregistration is not required, but you may want to arrive early due to seat limitations. Intended for aduts (16 & up)

Before the Industrial Revolution there were hundreds of rivers and streams from Long Island to Maine with populations of sea run brook trout, a special kind of brook trout that seek out rich food and shelter in our estuaries. Prized for their flavor, size and strength, these salter brook trout became the focus of America’s first sport fishery during the 1800’s. By the turn of the century their habitat had been so degraded by dams and pollution that now only remnant populations hang on in our streams and estuaries. Come find out more about sea run brook trout and how people are working to restore this once prized sport fish to our local streams.