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Nothing Barren About the Pine Barrens

Where is the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens?

If you’re visiting us in Plymouth County chances are you’re standing in it.

Whether you are sailing, swimming, hiking, biking or birding during your visit, you are most likely enjoying yourself in the Pine Barrens.

Sand is the common denominator: There’s more of it in the woods than on the beach.

Rare plants and species abound here, from the Pine Barrens Moth, to the Red Bellied Cooter, to the Plymouth Gentian and the New England Boneset.

Just as rare are the communities on which these species depend: 48 natural communities including coastal plain ponds, sand plain grasslands and pitch pine/scrub oak forests – a fire-dependent community.

This is the second largest coastal pine barrens in the world!

We could say so much more. Instead, we’ll just say, welcome.